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Hydramed Eye Drops 30 x 0,5ml

HydraMed Lubricating Eye Drops

HydraMed, thanks to its moisturising and protective qualities, provides soothing comfort and long lasting lubrication, relieving irritation, dryness, burning and foreign body sensations in the eyes due to environmental elements such as wind, sun, dry air, salt water, smoke, excessive light, air conditioning, heating, prolonged use of computer or ocular surgery, conjunctivitis, contact lenses use.







Sodium Hyaluronate (0.2% w/v), TS Polysaccharide (0.2% w/v), mannitol, dibasic sodium phosphate, monobasic sodium phosphate, water for injections.


What is it?

HydraMed is a preservative free eye drops, solution of sodium Hyaluronate and TS Polysaccharide.

How is presented?

HydraMed is presented as an eye drops, solution in 30 daily use reclosable vials.


When should it be used?

HydraMed is an ophthalmic solution with TS Polysaccharide and high-molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate, obtained by biotechnological synthesis. 

Sodium Hyaluronate is a substance that originates mucomimetic solutions, with optimal lubricant properties due to the viscosity of the solutions that result in an effective moisturising effect and stabilization of the tear film.

TS Polysaccharide is a natural substance extracted from the seeds of the Tamarindus Indica plant, useful in the protection of the corneo-conjunctival surface. TS Polysaccharide forms a protective film on  the ocular surface that helps to recover the physiologic balance of the tear film and the ocular surface.

The combination of these two substances generates a synergic action of the 

corneo-conjunctival surface that is protected from irritation, due to environmental elements (wind, sun, smoke, dry air), visual stress (excessive use of light, computers) or mechanical factors (contact lenses use, after ocular surgery), providing a long lasting relief. The product is preservative free and suitable for use with contact lenses.


How much to use?

1 drop in the eye one or more times daily, according to necessity.


Precautions and warnings:

* do not use if container is damaged,

* the product is for external ophthalmic use only,

* do not use if you are sensitive to any of the components,

* do not use after the expiry date shown on the pack,

* do not touch the eye with the tip of the vial,

* after administration, in rare cases, a slight temporary blurring of vision may    be observed due to the viscosity of the solution; it is therefore advisable to    wait for a few seconds before any activity that requires clear vision, 

* leave at least 10-15 minutes before administration of any other ophthalmic      drugs,

* once opened, each vial can be used for up to 12 hours,

* keep out of the sight and reach of children,

* store below 25 degrees C,

* do not swallow.




Price £10.49